J & H Auto Repair

Affordable Auto Repair Olympia, WA
1110 Lilly Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506
HOURS:    Mon - Fri   8:00 - 5:00      CLOSED:    Sat - Sun
24 Hour Towing:   Call (360) 352-2424     & ask for J & H Towing     Key drop available

What Our Customers are saying:

Garfy C.    Sept. 2017       5 stars

My Car was fixed on time, for the price quoted and its now works perfectly. Dont let the looks of this shop fool you they are top notch!!!! They even came and picked me up when the car was done when my ride fell threw. What else can I say but GREAT JOB

Alex K.    May 2017        5 stars

Great service, family friendly & cheap.

Brian H.    May 2017     5 stars

They've consistently done good work for us at reasonable prices. 4 stars because they're disorganized. It's a pain in the butt that they won't make appointments for oil changes. They "Try to squeeze you in", so you take your chances and cross your fingers they won't be too busy when you show up

Michael C.   May 2017     5 stars

Thanks John and Scot.

 J&H are honest, dont charge me for repairs I dont need, talk to me about repairs before they do them. They provide me with repair options. This is my shop of choice.

Amy E.   April 2017     4 stars

I have brought both my vehicles to J and H several times, I kept coming back because they seem to do good work and their prices are great, lower than anywhere else I have been. They wont raise the price on you if it ends up they had to do more than they estimated. They do seem to care about their customers and dont rip you off. The reason I am giving 4 stars and not 5 is they are somewhat unorganized. They dont do appointments so your car can sit there for a couple days or a week before getting work done and they dont always call back when they say they will. If that doesnt bother you then I would recommend them, cant beat their prices.

Justin E. D.   April 2017     5 stars

What can I say... They do care about your vehicle and will tell you everything that is wrong with it. Unlike other shops that just fix what you thought was wrong and then expect to see you next week because something else was broken that they knew about. So kudos to these guys. Only problem I have is it seemed a bit expensive for my tune up. But they were very respectful, honest, and do great work.

Rich O.    Feb. 2017     5 stars

John is a square shooter and he always makes his estimates be right, even if he has to do more than he said

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