Professional Auto Brake Repair | Olympia, WA


Being able to STOP your car safely is the main focus of J & H Auto Repair’s Brake Inspection Service.
We know the importance of quality brake parts and brake repair service......... your safety is on the line.
Don’t  let poorly trained service providers do your brake service and inspections.

J & H Auto Repairs highly trained ASE Certified Technicians will provide you with Brake Repairs you can trust!
Here are just a few of the components we will check when you have us do your brake repair work:
Brake Pads  |  Brake Shoes |Calipers  |  Cylinders  |  Adjusters  |   Springs and Hardware |Brake Fluid  |  Fluid Reservoir   Master Cylinder  | Brake Lines | Rotors  |  Drums

12,000 miles or 12 Month Nation Wide Warranty Available

We service brakes on most makes & models of American, Asian, and European cars and trucks.

We know that there are lots of choices for getting your cars brakes repaired or replaced in Olympia. We also know that you need safe, affordable, high quality professional brake repairs that you can count on. That's why customers have been coming to us for their auto brake repairs and brake replacement services for more than ten years. We won't sacrifice quality or safety when it comes to repairing your vehicle's brakes.
Request an appointment for all of your car or truck's brake repair needs!

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